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YW-Access: Youth HSE (GED)

VLUU L100, M100  / Samsung L100, M100Ready to change your life by obtaining your GED and starting on a career path?  If so, the YW has the program for you. YW-Access is a GED preparation program that combines interactive, engaging GED courses that cover the five subject areas of the official GED examination with work readiness training.  Students in the program receive extensive academic support and one-on-one attention to ensure maximum academic growth.  In addition to numerous in-class assessments on specific skills, three practice GED examinations are given throughout the program to gauge growth and to determine GED readiness.  One day each week, students participate in work readiness workshops that cover soft skills, resume and cover letter writing, and interviews.  Participants also attend a one hour enrichment session weekly focusing on academic development through art and recreation.  The program is student-focused and aims to help participants achieve their academic and career goals through holistic education and individual development.  This program is for students ages 17-21, but we also offer GED courses for adults.  If you are an adult over the age of 21, visit our YW-Advance Adult GED webpage.  If you are a current student, please see our “What’s Up, GED?” page.


By enrolling and participating in the program, students have access to the following services:

  • GED test scheduling
  • Individual counseling
  • Job placement assistance
  • College application and financial aid help
  • Achievement ceremony
  • Other field trips and special events



Interested in enrolling?

The GED center is still accepting students to our current semester.  Interested students can schedule a placement test by calling 718-353-4553 or emailing Eventbrite, call the Education Department at 718.353.4553, or email .

The Education Department is launching Spanish GED classes next week and is still accepting registration!  Interested students should call 718-353-4553 or email MailGuard(‘gedregister’,’’)“>.

Eventbrite - GED Placement Exam

VLUU L100, M100  / Samsung L100, M100GED 2

Took the entrance exam but did not receive adequate scores to enter the GED 1 program?  That’s okay.  You have the option of enrolling in our GED 2  class designed for students with a fifth through eighth grade reading and/or math level.  The GED 2 class offers participants intensive literacy and mathematics instruction focusing on cultivating skills.  At the conclusion of the program, students retake the TABE placement examination and graduate to the GED 1 program if sufficient scores are achieved.


The YWCA of Queens is an approved USCIS literacy provider for individuals interested in applying for Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA).  DACA allows individuals who arrived in the United States before turning 16 and who were born before June 15th, 1981 to apply to work and go to school legally in the United States.  DACA applicants must also have a high school diploma/GED, be working on a high school diploma, or be enrolled in a GED preparation program such as those offered by the YWCA of Queens.  All incoming students wil l be provided a DACA orientation and those interested in applying will be referred to one of our legal partners for free legal services.  You can also visit the USCIS DACA site for more information.

DACA Legal Services





Phone Number

MinKwon Center Flushing English, Korean, Chinese 718-460-5600
The Ansob Center for Refugees Astoria English, Arabic, French, Spanish 718-278-4303
New York Immigration Coalition Manhattan Multiple Languages 212-627-2227

Other Resources

US Citizenship and Immigration Services

Mayor’s Office of Immigrant Affairs 


Are you an adult?  Visit our YW-Advance Adult GED webpage.

Are you a current student or parent/guardian of a current student? Visit our “What’s Up, GED?” page for the most up-to-date information on events and digital copies of our academic calendars and informational documents.

Students From the Past

VLUU L100, M100  / Samsung L100, M100“At the age of 14, school just wasn’t working out for me.  Instead of going to school, I decided to start working catering and construction.  I was 20 years old when my eyes suddenly opened.  I realized that my 6 years of experience will have a lot more potential if I go back to school.  I needed help getting my GED, so I asked the YWCA of Queens to give me a hand.  The service and attention I received from the YWCA was beyond great.  They helped me strive harder towards getting my GED.  It is amazing the way the staff would take extra time to tutor individuals that needed extra help and support. YWCA provided step-by-step guidance, opening up new doors. Thanks to the YWCA’s help, I   I am now signing up for Queensborough Community College.  They are extremely helpful.  Not only does the YWCA provide GED help, but also great guidance and counseling along with discipline and respect.  My experience with the YWCA has been wonderfully spectacular.”

-Eric Ng, Program Graduate & GED Certificate Recipient

The YWCA has a great program for GED.  Now I feel prepared to go and take the test.  I would recommend this program to my friends and anyone interested in a GED program.  Being in the GED program at the YWCA has motivated me.  Thanks to the staff who helped in preparing this program and a big thank you to the teacher who made it possible by creating a stress-free classroom environment that was perfect for learning.  The teacher was on target and well prepared.

Jullet Simpson Murray, Program Participant & GED Certificate Recipient

Hot Dogs

The YWCA has been a huge help for me.  It gave me the confidence to try my hardest and really prove what I am capable of.  The people who work her plus the students in my class were all great.  I feel good about taking the test and it is because of this program.

Samantha Dugan, Program Participant & GED Certificate Recipient

VLUU L100, M100  / Samsung L100, M100

The YWCA is an excellent program.  The program hours and classroom setting were great.  The teacher was patient, clear, and knowledgeable.  Thank you YWCA for starting me on my way to succeed in life.

Jovan Cook, Program Participant & GED Certificate Recipient

“I’m so glad to see you are still helping people get their GED.  The staff in the YWCA of Queens, New York, helped me so much!  In three months I got my GED and went to college. I am now in my second year towards a BFA in Advertising.”

–Shelly Floril













Program Length
10 weeks/ 20 weeks

Program Hours
Morning, Afternoon, and Evening classes available.

Next Program
July 2014, view the full 2014-2015 schedule here: HSE FY 15 Schedule

Next Entrance Exam
Call 718-353-4553 for complete schedule!

How to Enroll
Call 718-353-4553, email Eventbrite.

Eventbrite - GED Placement Exam

YW-Advance Adult GED
What’s Up, GED?”

GED Flyer

This program is made possible by the generous support of: Department of Youth and Community Development.