Center for Seniors

The YWCA Senior Center has been at the forefront of enhancing the quality of life for our immigrant seniors. From educational and recreational activities to art and cultural events, we encourage senior citizens to become active, healthy participants of the community. With the large number of senior citizens residing in New York City, we understand the need to increase services for seniors, especially those with language barriers. We strive to provide comprehensive services and keep up-to-date on policies and practices related to seniors and the aging population.

Evergreen School

The Evergreen School provides educational, recreational, and wellness services and activities for the elderly immigration population. Our main purpose is to assist in acculturation and provide ways for seniors to live a healthy and balanced life. Celebrating over 30 years of the Evergreen School, the YWCA of Queens continues to work towards creating meaningful programs for the participants.
The program runs spring, fall, and winter semesters and offers fun and interactive classes every Tuesday. Activities include yoga stretching, dance class, singing in English with the famous “Singing in English” songs, and playing Yut-Nol-Yi, a Korean traditional game, during Lunar New Year.

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Evergreen Choir

Established in 1991, participants of Evergreen Choir represent missionaries and cultural ambassadors of the community. Having strong Christian roots and an arts foundation, they are proud of sharing their skills and love of music to people who walk through our door.
The Evergreen Choir practices a diverse array of music throughout the year and performs at a variety of venues, such as at nursing homes and hospitals. Eager to contribute time and effort to social causes, the Evergreen Choir provides free performances in the spirit of community giving and activism. In addition, the choir hosts an annual concert each June for YWCA members and the community.

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